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Puglia , stretching along the eastern coastline of the "country - boot" , including all the " heel ", and washed by two seas - the Adriatic and Ionian , is one of the little-know by foreign tourist regions of Italy. But just here, in Puglia, there are thousands of miracles. 

Feb 27, 2014

Rich history and culture , fascinating seascapes and lush greenery nature reserves, modernity and antiquity are closely intertwined , creating an incredible atmosphere of full emancipation and grace.

The most popular towns for visiting are Bari , Monopoli, Ostuni, Alberobello, Lecce and others.

Endless sandy beaches , azure sea , rocky shores , numerous caves , spectacular views, mild climate , excellent traditional cuisine , colorful religious festivals and carnivals , a lot of sightseeings, entertainment parks, hotels with high service level put Apulia on a par with the most popular resorts in the world , the only difference: it is little-known and waiting to be descovered. Your holidays in Puglia will be magical and unique.

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