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NIKITOUR SERVICE will be delighted to organize your business trips, meetings, conferences, congresses, exhibitions and incentive trips.

Our services for corporate clients:

  • quality corporate event planning;

  • tailor-made programmes;

  • selection of the ideal locations and event venues;

  • accommodation;

  • transport services;

  • providing for qualified assistants, interpreters;

  • complete on-site assistance;

  • leasure time organization: guided tours, concerts, shopping etc.;

  • meeting communication;

  • incentive programmes;

  • team-building.

We provide our clients with high quality services. We do all necessary to ensure them an unforgettable enjoyable experience and complete satisfaction with the event taking place in magic Italy.


Incentive (1)

According business dictionary, "incentive" means official encouragement or supplemental reward that serves as a motivational device for a desired action or behavior ( in work, in promotion , etc.)

The datas of the statistic say that thanks to incentives, the efficiency of each employee increases by 27 %, and the efficiency of the entire team increases by 45%. In practice it is the only way to achieve full value of employees . Incentive tours stimulate the creative approach to work , contribute to the fact that each employee feels part of the team and he is trying to show his best side, to realize and to show himself .

Incentive tour is a combination of business and pleasure. New sensations , emotional experiences remain in memory for a long time, which helps to maintain a stable connection between the event and its participants. Employees participating in the incentive program, become a cohesive team and then they actively implement themselves in the work, bringing the success to the company.

Incentives help to strengthen the long-term and fruitful relations between employees and company , between customers and partners, which increases the level of sales and prestige of the company .

We offer tailor-made programmes according corporate style, budget and specific needs of the company.

The range of incentive programs in Italy is very large:

  • treasure hunt in art cities or in ancient castles ;

  • cooking experiences;

  • art lessons;

  • wine and food tasting;

  • trip across city by rickshaw or by retro cars or by scooters;

  • sports competitions in tennis, golf , football or other; horse riding lessons;

  • test drive Ferrari;

  • revival of Ancient Rome;

  • training ship under sail

and much more.

Team Building

Team Building (1)

The most important thing in preparation of the incentive trip is to define the goals of the trip. Normally, the main goal is to create a cohesive team. The best solution for it is a team building program. Such programs are very important for the formation of interpersonal relations that directly affect productivity in the office. By participating in team-building , in a new atmosphere, a person has to think and act differently, in a new way, looking for a creative approach to work . In such moments the best qualities of each person appear and he realizes his maximum capability. He will use acquired skills later demonstrating their on his work field. New sensations , emotional experiences remain in memory for a long time , which helps to maintain a stable connection between the event and its participants. Employees participating in the incentive program , become a cohesive team and then implement themselves actively in the work bringing success to their company.

Thanks to successful team-building, it is possible to achieve the following goals:

  • to increase the effectiveness of communication and, as a result, of whole work;

  • to establish trust and mutual understanding;

  • to overcome the erroneous stereotypes and barriers of participants;

  • to form critical thinking in the team;

  • to find the ways to solve the problems.

We emphasize you can achieve the above goals taking fun in fabulous Italy, without special efforts. You only need to forward your request to the professionals ready to help in achieving your goals.  

Incentive Program in Sicily
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Nov 30, 2013
Team Building in Sicily
Team-building acrivities in Sicily        
Dec 03, 2013

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